JADE is a leading strategic firm offering a unique combination of business development, seed investment, scouting and investment banking services with years of experience developing strategies to successfully advise, grow and drive strategic exits for a diverse portfolio of technology businesses.

Seed and A-Round Investment

At the early stage of the business, there is usually the need for some initial financing.  Depending on its proposition the funding comes from family and friends, banks, business angels, venture capital, asset based lenders, hedge funds or traditional private equity.


For companies with a growing revenue stream that are looking to raise $5M or more for further expansion, going public in the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) is a good option. With our Australian partners we have already successfully listed several Israeli companies and are in the process for more listings to come.

Business Development

Jade provides business development services to help innovative technology companies accelerate their direct sales efforts in North America, EU and the Far-East.

Investment Banking

Jade’s Investment Banking group is highly focused and deeply experienced in managing transactions including private placements, mergers and acquisitions and strategic advisory assignments. Jade’s industry focus in the “Innovation Economy” (Technology, Digital Media, Internet and Healthcare Technology).


The Technology Scouting service provides international partners with the ability to locate innovative technologies worldwide that best fit Client’s demands.

Research and Development

We offer consultancy and custom product services for customers, including accelerated development cycles:

  • Product architecture and specification development
  • Software and hardware design, coding and testing
  • Design for manufacturing and testing
  • Small to mid-volume production

We have created various products from 1994.